Frequently Asked Question


Q: What kind of user Suzuki After Sales Portal provide?

A: This website provides all information and after-sales services, which intended for Individual, Distributor and Dealer of Suzuki.


Q: What the different of each user between Individual, Distributor, and Dealer?

A: Individual
These services are available for all Customer (Domestic & Overseas). An individual has rights to download Owners Manual for Free after Subscribe. An individual has rights to download Service Manual and Supplementary with an additional fee.

This service will only available for all Authorized Distributor Overseas. The distributor has rights to download Owners Manual, Service Manual, and Supplementary for Free after Subscribe.

This service will only available for all Authorized Indonesia Dealer. The dealer has rights to download all documents for Free after Subscribe based on their subscription level.


Q: Why there are some documents/features which cannot be download/access?

A: Different user role has different access rights. 

Registration fail

Q: How to join Suzuki After Sales Portal?

A: Please click the 'Register' button and fill the Form and click submit. Please contact the Administrator if have other inquiries.


Q: What if Forgot the password?

A: Press the "Forgot Password" button and fill out your registered email in SAP. User will receive a notification email to reset the password. Contact the Administrator if there are any further problems.


Q: What if there is a message "Your Account Subscription is Expired" appeared?

A: Please renew your subscription or Contact the Administrator for further information.


Q: What if cannot access the E-Learning menu?

A: Please contact Administrator. E-Learning can only be accessed by Dealer. [sub role: Foreman, Technician, and Technical Advisor (TA)]


Note :

Please do not change E-Learning password “User Information (password)” to avoid login failure.